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Wood Pellets


Wood Pellets

Diameter (mm) : fi 8mm
Packaging: Big Bag 100/kg
Moisture (%): 8-10%
Ash Conent (%): 1,5-2,0%
Heating Value: 19,200 MJ/kg

Content Composition: 70% Beech, 30% Spruce

Standard-Specification "Pellets for Industry"

Diameter mm 4 bis 10
Length mm no standardisation
Gross density kg/dm3 no standardisation
Bulk density kg/dm3 no standardisation
Heating value MJ/kg no standardisation
Water content Mass.-% < 12
Mechanical Strength Mass.-% no standardisation
Ash content % no standardisation
Ash refractory deformation temperature °C no standardisation
Chlorine content Mass.-% < 0,03
Sulphur content Mass.-% < 0,08
Nitrogine content Mass.-% < 0,3

Quantity: 3.000 MT per month

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