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Contract Farming

Investment Opportunities in
Jatropha and Managed Plantations in India

MOGate Energy provides Jatropha project investment opportunities and offers turnkey plantation establishment and management for the production of Jatropha feedstock.

Our Jatropha Consulting services include:

  • Feasability study including investment required, cost of operations, manpower recruitment, risk management and contingency planning as well as cashflow projections
  • Land acquisition and leasing in India
  • Arranging infrastructure and dedicated manpower and management
  • Plantation Consulting through a team of experienced jatropha consultants based in India
  • Soil testing and audit
  • Site Inspection / Assessment
  • Nursery Establishment and Management
  • Plantation Establishment and Management (including advanced pruning techniques)
  • Advanced Jatropha pruning / harvesting techniques
  • Consultancy and ongoing support to build dedicated jatropha oil pressing units on site
  • Logistics support to transport jatropha produce (seeds and oil) to various parts of the world